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Retail Humor

As mentioned on my About page, I work part-time in retail. There aren't many other options around here other than warehouse stuff and office work - which I can do, but didn't want a desk job anymore - unless you have more specialized training in another field. Although I do have that, I'm an Independent Contractor and I didn't anticipate Covid-19 or the impact it would have on growing my business. Who did?

So there I am...primarily cashiering, but also frequently on the sales floor assisting customers, stocking shelves, reshopping returned items, recovering misplaced products, filling online orders or bringing them out for curbside pick-ups, digging through the overstuffed stock room when necessary, and on it goes. They've got me just about everywhere.

This post can easily be a rant about the dumbest, rudest customers, but it's more satisfying to get that out of my system with co-workers. Once in a while, I get a little comic relief. Usually at check-out. Here are a few of the priceless gems:

  • I was bagging something in a certain way and the customer said that was a good idea. Shortly thereafter, when I went to say "have a good day!", it came out "have a good idea!" *facepalm* Lol. Well...good day, good idea. It's all good, right? Have both!

  • I got roasted by a toddler - complete with finger wagging and threats of being thrown into a dungeon {!} - who didn't get the Lego set he wanted because some bozo put it on the clearance rack and it turned out to be full price, as they generally are and not cheap either, so Dad decided against it. The little boy was sooo mad and the father kept trying to tell him it wasn't my fault. LMAO for days.

  • More recently...I was taking care of an older woman who was purchasing something separately for her daughter. She gave me her daughter's phone number for the member program. I freaked the daugher out when she came through my line right after that because I remembered most of her number. She was all... "How did you know my number?!" Even after her mother told her I just had a good memory, which she had already made comments about earlier, the daughter still looked a little shook. LOL

I'm not too sure of how I came to be there for as long as I have, but it's probably the crafting supplies, management that works around my schedule, and moments like that.

retail humor

January 21, 2021