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Resin should come with an additional warning on the label: ADDICTIVE!

Finally took the plunge into resin art over the last few days. I was going to wait until warmer weather to get started so the windows can be left open (the stuff stinks as does the acetone I need for cleaning up), but I do most of my crafts in a room set aside for it anyway.

I'm starting kind of small with coasters and shot glasses, which is a funny choice since I don't drink, or very rarely and very little when I do. So far, I've had a lot of fails, especially on the coasters, and need more practice. I've got lots left to learn with this. I'm excited to see what resin will add to my wood, clay, and other projects.

They just need a little sanding around the bottom edges.

Getting tiny Swarovski crystals to stay with their sparkly sides visible turned out to be more challenging than I thought. Preventing pigmented pours from blending with clear or different colors to where the whole thing ends up with an undesired pigment is also not as easy as it looks in vids.

I noticed that some resin artists pour-let dry-pour-let dry and others seem able to do all kinds of colors and other additives (i.e., glitter, mica powders, decals, etc) with clear while it's still wet.

It may be that everyone is using different brands of resin as well. Some are made to cure faster, so they might be easier to layer. I don't know yet because the resin I have takes at least 24 hours to fully set.

I'll add more pieces as they're made.

resin casting

February 2, 2021