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I want to fix a few things that I just noticed after uploading the image. The brightness on my aging laptop screen is starting to malfunction (intermittently fading in and out between 100% to about 80%), so that's making it a little difficult to work with colors and details.

As for the piece itself, I did a night/dark one last time, so wanted to make a day/light sunset one. The next one might be macabre - I like to keep it balanced. This is also the first time drawing my lady's back side and walking.

Krita brushes: the usual suspects mentioned here and a little texturing on the road; this one is called "floor". I drew all the bigger stones with the fineliner, shaded some of them in with the same brush and used the airbrush on others.

The outlines may go away at some point. Additional details may also be added in the distance beyond the end of the road. Scratch that; it just needed a broken olive branch and some scattered leaves. Emphasis on broken because it's not about peace. There is no peace. Peace is in pieces.Don't recall hearing of the band Havok before; might listen more though since it's metal.

onward road

January 14, 2021