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Hidden Truth


Some additional details about this piece...

Although I am placing it in my Arts N' Crafts category, it easily overlaps with Psyche, I'm just picking one. The image is part of and inspired by Shadow work, and the truth hidden in there.

Speaking the truth can be painful, not only for the one hearing it if they aren't prepared, but also the speaker if they don't want to be hurtful and know that what they have to say is going to be hard to hear. The bleeding around her mouth can be about harmful internal dialogue as well as making cutting remarks to others; I have been guilty of both when in pain and/or pissed off.

In the older rendition shown again below, the woman has scales near her ears, which is a reference to the idiom "the scales fell from my eyes" - I believe "scales" in the phrase refers to something more akin to skin though, not the weighing kind. I just didn't want to draw them over her cheeks, so they look more like earrings.

The eyes in both versions have a sort of golden glow...this is "seeing the light"...the truth about oneself, others, or some situation. Not just "seeing" though...the eyes are said to be windows to the soul and the soul itself is the light.


shadow art

May 3, 2021