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A Month of Music

May 2021

ART CREDIT Jéanpaul Ferro


A Month('s Worth) of Music

I'm doing it a bit differently this time:

  • This post will stay pinned above recent posts all month and perhaps a bit after.
  • All song pages for each day are published, listed, and ready.
  • The pages have a 'permanent' home on my server.
  • Feel free to mix up the mix; listen in whatever order you want.
  • The songs aren't (intentionally) organized by genre. Weekly groups may be mixed or of a similar style.

This list is dedicated to everyone that belongs to Gen X, but I believe there's going to be a little something for everyone from Boomers to Zoomerz. No doubt I missed many oldies-but-goodies, but there are only 31 days, so maybe another time.

Gen X Genre Mix
Everyday of May Music Event


Hair Care

May 18, 2021

Currently my favorite...


May 15, 2021

Someone is expecting. You know who you are.

Make Up

May 13, 2021

Sometimes I do it...

Hello World!

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