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My name is Jenn.

I have a son (almost 20 years old), two jobs, and several hobbies. I currently have no pets. I prefer cats, but like dogs as well. As for music, I enjoy a range of rock and metal. My favorite band is Nightwish, especially the older albums.

I'm a fairly new licensed massage therapist, with a part-time position in an arts & crafts store to supplement income while I build clientele in my own practice.

Retail sucks, but the discount on crafting supplies is a plus. All the damn clown vomit - read: glitter - on seasonal stuff though... {sigh} When it comes to crafting things, I like to make items that are useful and not just pretty or decorative.

In addition to assorted crafts; I like writing poetry and stories, making graphics, and exploring game development/programming just for fun. The type of creative activity I engage in depends largely on which way 'the flow' seems to be going that day.

For me, creative mode = my happy place.